Unlike other sharpening services, we do not remove the knives from your site. All work is done at your business or home in a self-contained service vehicle. There is no need to drop your knives off or wait for several days to have them returned. Services can be provided just once or on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule.

Mobile Sharpening

Chefs Supply

Pro-Edge Cutlery offers competitive pricing for our direct-to-you sharpening services. Our prices range depending on your needs. Not only do we offer sharpening services, we can reserrate and fix broken edges.





 Pro-Edge Cutlery's owner, Chuck Paul, is an Arizona native and has been offering stellar sharpening services for over 13 years.  His commitment to the craftsmanship and art of sharpening has made him a favorite of many award-winning culinary professionals and home chefs alike.